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The walnut harvest in Turkey was the scene of colorful images, 7 tons of walnuts were collected

Ceviz hasadı renkli görüntülere sahne oldu, 7 ton ceviz toplandı
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Sep 30, 2022
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The walnut harvest festival, which was realized for the second time this year and became traditional in the Devrek district of Zonguldak, was the scene of colorful scenes. While the protocol and citizens showed close interest in the 2nd Walnut Harvest Festival held in Gedikoğlu District of Oğuzhan Village in Devrek, the harvest, collection, peeling and drying of walnuts were shown practically to the guests in the garden where a total of 450 saplings aged 9 years are located. In addition, local walnut kömeç, walnut white baklava and walnut pancakes were also presented to the guests.
The "Traditional Walnut Harvest Festival", which was held for the second time this year in Devrek, witnessed colorful scenes. Speaking at the program held, Zonguldak Governor Mustafa Tutulmaz said, "The importance of food is increasing day by day. Previously, it was only explained as a measure of development in the field of industry. How many factories and how many employees they have, the value of countries was measured by it. But in the present age, yes, factories are also measured by it. But we need agriculture at the same rate. When we look at developed countries, we see that they are also developing in agriculture. In the same way, we, as our country, must develop both our industry and agriculture," he said. With the projects carried out recently, the covered walnut garden area in the villages of Devrek has increased from 2 thousand 750 decares to 4 thousand decares, ...
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