The World Bank is giving $ 30 billion against the global crisis of the war in Ukraine

Published May 20, 2022

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The World Bank will provide $ 30 billion to help prevent the global crisis, challenged by Reuters. Most of the supplies of grain from the two countries are pending, which deepens the crisis and leads to mass starvation in the poorer countries of the world. The World Bank is forecasting $ 12 billion in new projects and more than $ 18 billion in existing projects related to the United States, which have been approved but not yet disbursed. "In order to stabilize the markets, it is extremely important for the parties to make clear statements about the future increase in production," the bank said in a statement. Hunger threatens 10 million people in Europe, Asia and Africa Russia has already restricted exports of wheat and corn, Ukraine has stopped exports of meat, salt, sugar, buckwheat, oats, millet and rye The new projects will support the whole economy and social protection, in order to reduce the effect of higher prices on the poor. Water and irrigation projects are also ...
Source: Money
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