Hungary: There is great interest in domestic premium pigeon products

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Published Jul 17, 2023

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Hungary's Minister of Agriculture, István Nagy, announced that there is a growing demand for domestic premium pigeon products in external markets. This is supported by agreements signed with Singapore and Japan for the export of Hungarian pigeon meat. Nagy emphasized the importance of a technologically-standard slaughterhouse and processing plant, and the government's support for the meat pigeon industry to boost its development and contribute to the livelihoods of Hungarian families and the retention power of the region.
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There is an increasing demand for domestic premium pigeon products, especially in external market sales areas. In order to serve them, it is necessary to boost the meat pigeon industry - Minister of Agriculture István Nagy announced on Saturday, at the Professional Day of Pigeon Breeders held in Hajdúböszörmény. The minister reminded that this is supported by the agreement signed with Singapore in April this year and then with Japan in May on the export of large quantities of Hungarian pigeon meat. To serve all of these, the technologically-standard slaughterhouse and processing plant built in Görbeháza is of paramount importance, with the help of which these luxury products produced in Hungary can be produced, sold and promoted worldwide with high added value. István Nagy recalled that the initiative was launched in December 2018 with the aim of reorganizing and boosting the domestic meat pigeon industry. Pre-chilled pigeons with a uniform body size and a high useful meat ratio ...
Source: AgroForum
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