US: There’s a break in leafy green outbreaks, but work to eliminate them forever continues

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Published Nov 30, 2023

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Growers of leafy greens, specifically Romaine lettuce, have been hit by outbreaks of E. coli O157:H7 eight times since 2017, resulting in illnesses, hospitalizations, and deaths. However, the private Leafy Green Marketing Agreement (LGMA) and the public Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have recently experienced a two-year break in E. coli outbreaks and have implemented measures to prevent future occurrences. The LGMA has initiated a two-year "Romaine Test & Learn" study, where growers voluntarily share their pathogen test data for analysis, while the FDA has implemented an action plan focusing on inspections, sampling, stakeholder engagement, and advancements in prevention and detection.
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The pathogen associated with the intestines of cows rode in on the greens, causing sicknesses, sending people to hospitals for treatment of kidney ailment, and, oh yes, killing seven who made the mistake of eating a salad. With more care or just plain luck, the private Leafy Green Marketing Agreement and the public Food and Drug Administration are experiencing a break in E. coli outbreaks that has lasted about two years. The LGMA and FDA recently volunteered updates on their actions to stop E. Coli outbreaks from their green fields. For the California LGMA, they’ve embarked on a 2-year “Romaine Test & Learn” study. The food safety study has growers turning over their pathogen test data for analysis by LGMA. When the 2-year study got underway this past July, LMGA Chair Jan Berk said “test and learn” was the most significant change made by LMGA since its inception. The data collection program includes both pre and post-harvest testing. “This program will allow our members’ testing ...
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