Myanmar: This week, red bean curd March pea prices continue to fall (between February 19 and 23)

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Myanmar [Burma]
Market & Price Trends
Published Feb 24, 2024

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Red and mung bean prices have seen a decline in the Yangon and Mandalay markets this week, with a ton of red beans costing 3830,000 kyats and a bag priced between 365,000 to 366,000 kyats. Medium-quality mung beans are now priced at 270,000 kyats for 60 pounds, due to the impact of the export revenue policy. However, green bean prices have remained stable, despite the influx of new beans in the market, with big and small beans costing between 325,000 to 330,000 kyats per bag.
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red bean March pea prices have continued to decline so far this week, while green bean prices have remained stable. This week, we see that the prices of red beans have dropped again. On February 14, due to some changes in the export revenue, the price of red bean has decreased since last week. This week, the price of red bean is 3830,000 kyats per ton in the Yangon market, and the price of one ton of red bean is 135,000 kyats. Similarly, in the Mandalay market, the price of a bag of red beans is 365,000 to 366,000 kyats, and the price has dropped by 12,000 kyats in a week. However, because India needs Burmese cowpea for their country's food, the cowpea market depends on India's demand for good prices. Some traders predict a return to the upside. In March, the prices continued to decrease. Similar to the soybeans, mung bean is an export type of bean, so the prices are continuously decreasing due to the impact of the export revenue policy. However, there is a demand for Myanmar mung ...
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