Thousands of tons of forage products exported to the US from Mexico

Published Jan 10, 2022

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MARÍA MERCEDES GARCÍA. THE MEXICAN. The agricultural sector of the Mexicali Valley commercialized six different forages. MEXICALI, Baja California. The State Representation of the Secretariat of Agriculture and Rural Development in Baja California, headed by Juan Manuel Martínez Núñez, reported that agricultural producers from the Mexicali Valley exported a total of 62 thousand 627 tons of different forages to the neighboring country to the north, the United States, during the year 2021.

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Said information is based on the certificates of non-grazing issued by the Country Office through the Livestock Development Program, this year 6 different forages were commercialized, among which alfalfa, sudan hay, wheat straw, corn straw, oats stand out. hay and bermudagrass hay, mainly. Alfalfa was the main exported crop with the shipment of 27 thousand 483 tons, which represented 43.9 percent of the total traded, in this period of time. Engineer Martínez Núñez also highlighted that “alfalfa is marketed in the State of California, United States, to meet the demand of the neighboring country's livestock sector. It is estimated that the economic benefit for this concept is in the order of $ 96 million pesos. " Followed by alfalfa, there is the cultivation of sudan hay with the export of 21 thousand 518 tons; wheat straw with 12 thousand 764 tons; corn straw with 495 tons; oat hay with 279 tons and finally bermuda hay with ...
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