Togo harvests 940,000 tons of yams

Published Nov 30, 2021

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According to data from the Bureau of Agricultural Statistics, Togo harvested 940,876 tons of yam roots from the fields during the 2020-2021 season. This news comes just as studies are being conducted by institutions such as the Togolese Institute of Agricultural Research to improve the yield of yam roots in the country.

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"The average yield is less than 10 tons/ha, but yields of 15 to 20 tons/ha can be obtained if new high yielding varieties are used and if the technical recommendations are followed," said the Togolese Ministry of Agriculture . Currently, the following varieties are mainly grown: Kratchi, Florido, He-abalo, Alassora, Laboco, Gnamiti, Djatiba, TDR 99/01169, TDA 89/02665, Brutani, Motchi, and Moniya. Yam is a tropical crop mainly grown in West Africa. Although Togo exports some of it, most of it is used for national ...
Source: AGF
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