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Belgium: Tomato price back at 2022 level, strawberry price drops through five-year average

Updated Mar 21, 2023
The tomato price dropped a bit further last week, so that the average prices over week 11 at the VBT are at 2022 levels. The average prices for cucumber and bell pepper are still above that. Tomato prices are also still high at the Association of Belgian Horticultural Cooperatives. With an average of 2.57 euros for a kilo of vine tomatoes and 2.40 for a kilo of loose tomatoes, prices were still well above the five-year average last week.
This also applies to the costs, but even more so than to the prices, those costs differ per grower, depending on gas contract, for example. The average unit price for cucumber was 54 euro cents last week. The average price for organic cucumbers is also falling. The unit price in week 11 was rounded off at 84 euro cents. The pepper greenhouses mainly produce green peppers. The average price dropped here last week from 2.10 euros in week 10 to 1.99 euros in week 11. Greenhouse cauliflowers (good for just over 1 euro each), cabbage lettuce (63 euro cents each) and all kinds of lettuce varieties also come from the greenhouse. The average price for greenhouse cauliflower, cabbage lettuce and also lollo rossa fell last week. The average price increased for green and red oak leaf lettuce and lollo bionda. A market update from the Boerenbond interest group (available to members after a login) refers to 'too low' prices for greenhouse asparagus. Last week the average price did rise ...
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