Belgium: Tomato price dropped considerably, peak in organic cucumber price

Updated Nov 10, 2022
The tomato price has been in free fall since mid-October. Last week, that free fall for loose tomatoes came to a halt. This is evident from figures from the Association of Belgian Horticultural Cooperatives (VBT) for week 44. The price overview also shows a fall in the bell pepper price, while the cucumber price is experiencing a new peak. Just like for loose tomatoes, the fall in the price of vine tomatoes also seems to have stopped, now that the price fluctuated around three quarters of euros per kilo on Tuesday.
A look at the supply figures supplied by the VBT with the figures on the website of the Flemish Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries shows that the supply for loose tomatoes in particular has been considerably higher since week 41 than last year. In week 44 this also applied to vine tomatoes, but not in recent weeks. In both cases, the recent price drop means that the tomato price has fallen below the five-year average. Towards the end of November, the tomato price generally finds its way up again. Unlike in recent years, there is less lighting and heating. The average price for cucumbers has found its way up again since week 43. This means that the price is again above the five-year average. The price peak in week 44 cannot match that in week 44 in 2021. Rounded off, the unit price is just under 57 euro cents. The cucumber price generally rises steadily in November towards week 50. The price for organic cucumbers, which had been stable for almost the entire year, also increased ...
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