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Top-10 main events of the produce business in Tajikistan for 2021

ТОП-10 главных событий плодоовощного бизнеса Таджикистана за 2021 год
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Dec 27, 2021
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This year has already brought many surprises to Tajik farmers. EastFruit analysts interviewed Tajik fruit and vegetable producers, product exporters, as well as other participants in the Tajik fruit and vegetable ecosystem, on the basis of which they identified the top 10 key moments of the current year that affected the Tajik fruit and vegetable sector. We also want to note that over 1.1 million people have already visited the EastFruit portal in 2021.
Therefore, we also used statistics on the most readable fruit and vegetable materials of 2021 on our portal to determine the "top" events. The year 2021 turned out to be extremely difficult for Tajik apricot and sweet cherry growers in terms of the impact of weather conditions on the harvest. Unfortunately, this happens every 5-6 years. And with climate change, the frequency of cataclysms is increasing. Two waves of frost, the first at the end of February and the second in the first half of March, during the blooming of stone fruits, caused irreparable damage to the harvest of apricots and early cherries. Frosts in some regions even harmed vegetables and potatoes. It is not surprising that our news about the possible loss of the harvest of sweet cherries and apricots in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan was one of the most read and quoted. At the same time, gardeners tried to save the harvest by lighting bonfires in the gardens. Also this year, many gardeners began to take an interest in ...
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