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Spain: The total citrus consumption in the EU is reduced by 3%

El consumo total de cítricos en la UE se reduce un 3%
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May 23, 2022
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The total consumption of citrus fruits in the European Union has fallen again by 3% compared to the previous campaign, for which the Union of Unions emphasizes the need to carry out promotional campaigns for Spanish citrus fruits to reverse the decline in consumption and exports in recent years. Likewise, remember that in 2007 the consumption of oranges in Spain represented 15% of the total fresh fruit consumed, while in 2020 it had already dropped to 12%.
In 2020, the per capita consumption of oranges in Spain was 17.35 kilograms, which represents a decrease of 16% over the last five years. Avocado, pineapple, lemons and bananas are the ones that grow the most. On the other hand, the organization points out that Spanish citrus producers have experienced a decrease in gross income in this 2021-2022 campaign of 26% compared to the previous campaign, which represents a figure of 618 million euros less, according to the balance conducted by the Union of Unions with information from all producing areas. Gross income for this campaign was 1,129.9 million euros compared to 1,747.9 last year. The organization points out that, in addition, the prices received at origin by the citrus growers have been very low and in fact in many of the late varieties prices have been paid below 10 cents per kilogram. The decrease in gross income among citrus growers is generalized in most groups and varieties. By citrus groups, the greatest decrease in ...
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