EU: Beef cattle trends in December 2023

Frozen Bone-In Beef
Published Dec 22, 2023

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EU cattle production is expected to decline in 2023, with Italy experiencing a sharp decrease in production in the first 9 months. Prices for veal remain high and are trending upwards, but adult animals and their meat are experiencing reductions and lower price levels due to competition from imported meats. Imports of live breeding cattle have decreased, while domestic purchases of beef have grown, with the primary objectives for the Italian beef supply chain focusing on greater production self-sufficiency and better recognition of quality products.
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European context EU production is expected to decline for 2023 (-5% in the first 9 months on an annual basis), confirming the negative trend of the last ones four years. The low availability of mature cattle keeps high the tension on prices in the European market also in the second half of 2023. Production situation in Italy Production in sharp decline in the first 9 months of 2023. I BDN slaughter data highlight a 7% decrease in the number of animals compared to..., while Istat hypothesizes a much greater loss in terms of produced meat. The decline in imports of rystals from France in Furthermore, the period July August 2023 suggests a reduction of the supply of fattened veal in Italy in the coming months. Price trendThe prices of veal at the end of the year remain at levels high and tending upwards (+3% in November compared to the same month of last year Reductions and levels lower than last year, however, yes occur for adult animals and their meat due to the ...
Source: ITIsmea
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