Turkey: Price difference between producer and market in July 390.7 percent for apples

Published Aug 1, 2023

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In July, there was a significant price difference between producers and the market for various agricultural products in Turkey. Apples had the highest price difference at 390.7%, followed by raisins, carrots, parsley, lettuce, and dried figs. More than half of the products sold in the market experienced price increases, with green pepper having the highest increase at 56.9%, while green onion had the highest decrease at 39.5%. The price changes were attributed to sudden climate changes, decreased production, and increased input costs.
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Şemsi Bayraktar, Chairman of the Union of Chambers of Agriculture of Turkey (TZOB), stated that in July, the price difference between the producer and the market was seen in apples, with the highest rate of 390.7 percent. Bayraktar, in his written statement, evaluated the price changes between the manufacturer and the market in July. In the month in question, the price difference between the producer and the market was the highest in apples with 390.7 percent, raisins with 268.6 percent, carrots with 219.7 percent, parsley with 198.5 percent, lettuce with 192.1 percent and 185 percent. Stating that dried figs follow with .4, Bayraktar said, "Apple was 4.9 times, raisins 3.7 times, carrots 3.2 times, parsley 3 times, lettuce and dried figs 2.9 times more. apples in the market 24 liras 53 cents, 25 liras raisins 92 liras 15 cents, 10 liras carrots 31 liras 97 kurus, 2 liras 66 kurus parsley 7 liras 95 kurus, 7 liras 17 kurus lettuce 20 liras 93 kurus, 55 liras The dried figs were ...
Source: Sondakika
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