Ukraine has sharply reduced exports of apples, blueberries and walnuts to Singapore

Fresh Blueberry
Raw Walnut
Published Jan 23, 2021

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In particular, the supply of apples in terms of value decreased by two and a half times, blueberry exports fell by almost four times, and walnut exports virtually stopped. If we talk about the volume of deliveries, only from Ukraine to Singapore were exported: 41 tons of fresh apples against 108 tons a year earlier and about 1 ton of fresh blueberries against 6 tons exported a year earlier. By the way, it should be noted that in 2020 Serbia supplied practically the same amount of apples to Singapore as Ukraine, although it had not previously supplied fresh apples to this country. The main supplier of apples to the Singapore market remains China, which in 2020 calendar year increased supplies to 46.2 thousand. tons. Second place went to New Zealand with 8.9 thousand. tons, bypassing South Africa, which delivered 7.5 thousand. tons of apples in Singapore. The United States came in fourth place, exporting 3.9 thousand. tons, but France fell to fifth, reducing apple exports by more ...
Source: АгроЮг
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