Ukraine reduced the export of dairy products by 4% in 2023

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Published Jan 9, 2024

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In 2023, Ukraine's dairy exports were influenced by factors such as the lack of raw milk, consumer demand, price equalization with European milk, and logistical problems. Despite these challenges, Ukrainian exporters are seeking alternative markets, with December seeing a 4% increase in dairy product exports. The main export categories in 2023 were milk and condensed cream, cheeses, and butter, with the majority of goods being sent to Moldova and some to EU member states.
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Among the factors that influenced Ukraine's reduction in the volume of dairy exports in 2023 were the lack of raw milk on the domestic market, the activation of consumer demand, the gradual equalization of prices for Ukrainian and European milk, as well as logistical problems. However, despite the existing challenges, Ukrainian exporters are looking for exits to alternative sales markets. In December, the export of dairy products grew by 4%, says Georgy Kukhaleishvili, an analyst of the Association of Milk Producers. According to preliminary data of the DSSU, in 2023 Ukraine exported 108,000 tons of dairy products worth 253 million dollars. Last year, the natural volumes of exports decreased by 4%, and the monetary income fell by 38%. In December, 7.82 thousand tons of dairy products worth 16.7 million dollars were exported. Compared to November 2023, the natural volumes of exports increased by 4%, and monetary income increased by 7.5%. The following goods were the main export ...
Source: Agravery
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