Unbelievable, but true: Central Asian gardeners confuse blackcurrant with yoshta, and redcurrant with viburnum

Updated Jun 6, 2023
Currently, in the countries of Central Asia, primarily in Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, the level of interest in growing berry crops has risen sharply, EastFruit reports. However, berries are a rather atypical product for the local culture of consumption, therefore, even among professional producers, and even more so among consumers, there is a real confusion with the names of berries.
In particular, EastFruit experts previously drew attention to the "currant-sea buckthorn boom in Kyrgyzstan", however, as it turned out, a significant part of new currant plantations are planted with planting material of a completely different crop - yoshta. Sometimes this berry is also called "golden currant". In fact, yoshta is the result of crossing currants and gooseberries, and the result was not the best. This berry is much inferior in taste to gooseberries and currants. We wrote more about what yoshta is in this material - there is also a link to a video about this berry. In Tajikistan, the markets are actively selling mainly yoshta, but sellers call it “currant”. At the same time, there is also a red currant on sale, which is often offered under the name "viburnum" or even "rowan". At the same time, many farmers in these countries are sincerely sure that they grow currants, and they say that the berry is frost-resistant, productive and unpretentious. However, they actually ...
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