Customs detected export of fish from a protected species in Paraná, Argentina

Updated Nov 24, 2022
In an export control carried out in a refrigerator located in the city of Coronda, province of Santa Fe, specialized agents of the General Directorate of Customs detected a false declaration by the firm, which declared that it was exporting a container with 1,400 boxes of fish from the carp species, an invasive species that has free export, but in truth it hid the shipment of another species.
After an intense control operation, customs agents verified that they were trying to export 960 boxes of tarpon, a protected species from the Paraná River, whose export is limited by strict quotas. As part of the shipment there were also 440 boxes of carp. In addition, specialized personnel from the Secretariat of the Environment of the province of Santa Fe participated in the operation. According to Customs sources, the agency filed a complaint for an alleged infringement of Art. 954 sub a), b) and c) of the Customs Code, determining tax damage in concept of export duties, a minimum fine for violation of a prohibition and a difference in foreign currency income due to difference in values of the different species for a total amount of 3.2 million pesos. But on the other hand, the ...
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