U.S. declares Salmonella outbreak traced to imported cantaloupe; Canada also has an outbreak

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Published Nov 18, 2023

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State and federal officials in the United States and Canada are investigating a salmonella outbreak linked to cantaloupes imported from Mexico. So far, 43 people in the US and 8 people in Canada have been confirmed as patients. The same brand of cantaloupes, sold under the Malichita name, are implicated in both outbreaks and have been recalled in both countries.
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States, 43 people have been confirmed as patients. The outbreak is spread across 15 states. At least 17 people have been so sick they required hospitalization. As of the posting of the outbreak notice on Nov. 17, no one has died. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention declared the outbreak a few days after Canadian officials reported an outbreak of eight patients in British Columbia. Both outbreaks are traced to cantaloupe imported from Mexico. The same cantaloupes initially marketed under the Malichita brand are implicated in both countries. Cantaloupes sold under that brand have been recalled in both countries. Click here for information on the U.S. recall, which includes recall information from Sofia Produce LLC, doing business as Trufresh. Click here for information on the Canadian recall. Laboratory testing in both countries shows that cantaloupes are making people sick. Illnesses in the United States started on Oct. 17. The most recent patient to be confirmed in ...
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