Ukraine: What exotic species are already present on the domestic market

Updated Apr 30, 2021
Eggplant "Egg", chives, tomatoes "Emerald Apple", cabbage "Romanesco", cucumber "Snow White", corn "Hopi", cauliflower "Cheddar", pepper "Chocolate", potatoes "Solokha" - these exotics gradually from 'appear on store shelves, but in food markets they are not yet visible. learned how promising their cultivation is and what caused the demand for them. During the last 3 years in Ukraine there has been a significant increase in demand for exotic fruits and vegetables. There are several reasons for this. "According to analysts of the Ukrainian Fruit and Vegetable Association (UPOA), the increase in consumption of exotic fruits is primarily due to the trend of a healthy lifestyle, the number of supporters of which is growing every year. This is a global trend, and Ukraine is no exception. In addition, increasing demand contributes to increasing consumer incomes - today Ukrainians can already afford exotic fruits and vegetables, not meeting the needs of their conditional ...
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