Vegetable prices at Rangkasbitung market rise in Indonesia

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Published Feb 24, 2024

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Significant price increases have been observed in the Rangkasbitung Market for vegetables, with red chilies and shallots reaching IDR 100 thousand and IDR 50 thousand per kilogram respectively. The price hike is anticipated to persist until the holy month of Ramadan. This surge in prices is causing concern among consumers, especially housewives.
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LEBAK - A number of vegetables at Rangkasbitung Market have experienced price increases. Unmitigated, red chilies reach IDR 100 thousand per kilogram and shallots reach IDR 50 thousand per kilogram. "Red chilies have increased by Rp. 100 thousand per kilogram, previously Rp. 70 thousand, orange chilies, Rp. 80 thousand, initially Rp. 40 thousand, small green chilies, Rp. 30 thousand, increased to Rp. 60 thousand. For onions, only shallots have increased from Rp. 30 thousand to Rp. 50 thousand," said Ujang, one of the traders in Rangkasbitung Market, Friday, February 23 2024. Ujang said, the increase is predicted to continue until the holy month of Ramadan approaches. "The wealth will continue to rise until we start fasting, we hope prices are cheap, there will be lots of visitors," he said. Meanwhile, Nuraisah, one of the buyers, admitted that she was confused by the prices of chilies and onions which continued to increase day by day. "It's a headache, bro, ...
Source: Okezone
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