Egypt's veterinary services confirm the continuation of importing Brazilian meat

Updated Mar 6, 2023
The Ministry of Agriculture, represented by the Veterinary Services Authority, decided to continue importing Brazilian meat to the local market. Major General Dr. Ehab Saber, head of the Veterinary Services Authority at the Ministry of Agriculture, told Al-Mal that the meeting of the committee concerned with following up on the emergence of mad cow disease in Brazil - which lasted for 5 hours yesterday - resulted in the continuation of bringing in Brazilian meat, especially since it was not imported from the state affected by the disease. Bara - which is prevalent in herds of advanced age, pointing to the existence of committees that closely monitor the quality of meat, whether live or slaughtered, before importing it to Egypt. The head of the Veterinary Services Authority confirmed, in statements yesterday, the possibility of suspending the import of meat from the Brazilian market, following the outbreak of mad cow disease in the state of Para. Saber stressed that the ministry is taking all necessary precautions to implement safety standards in importing meat, in addition to maintaining the prices offered in the local market, whether imported or municipal. In a related context, sources in the Ministry of Supply told Al-Mal that there is no crisis in the provision of fresh and frozen meat in affiliated outlets and Welcome Ramadan exhibitions, whether imported or municipal.
As the strategic reserve of Brazilian meat is sufficient for 4.5 months. The sources added that the strategic reserves of fresh and frozen Sudanese meat, for example, are sufficient for a period of 12 months, following up that more than 40 tons will be pumped during the month of Ramadan in exhibitions, sheds and consumer complexes. For his part, Mohamed Wahba, head of the butchers division at the Cairo Chamber of Commerce, welcomed the non-suspension of meat imports from Brazil, saying: If it is implemented, it will have a negative impact on the supply of meat in the markets during the coming period. Wahba added to Al-Mal that mad cow disease appears at intervals, and at that time imports are suspended from the state in which the disease appears, and imports are ...
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