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Vietnamese people eat less and less pork

Người Việt ngày càng ăn ít thịt heo
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African Swine Fever
Jul 3, 2022
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According to Ms. Thao, depending on whether you buy it at a traditional market or a supermarket, each kilogram of bacon ranges from 150,000 to 180,000 VND. Cheaper pieces of meat such as pork leg, cutlet, and thigh are also from 100,000-130,000 VND - twice as much per kg of chicken. "Vegetables, spices and many other dishes have skyrocketed in price, but my salary is still the same, so I have to tighten my spending on expensive items. 1-2 pork meals a week is enough," the woman said. this said. Meanwhile, in the case of Mrs. Ha, who oversees the meals of a family of six in Binh Thanh district, said that in the past half year, pork is no longer a must-have item in the shopping cart every day. The reason is not so much the price, but because her family is concerned about African swine fever affecting health. "There was a time when my family didn't eat pork for a whole week, replacing it with fish, chicken or seafood to ease my worries," Ha said. Statistics by Ipsos, a multinational ...
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