Vietnamese processed shrimp has more advantages in the Japanese market

Published May 21, 2024

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Vietnamese shrimp exports to Japan have a significant market share, with white-leg shrimp being the dominant product at 69%. The export price for frozen white-leg shrimp is around 9-9.2 USD per kilogram, while black tiger shrimp is priced higher at 12.6-14.1 USD. Japanese consumers prioritize nutrition, taste, appearance, and fine processing, which Vietnamese seafood products meet with their high processing level and capacity. Vietnamese shrimp products include a variety of forms such as breaded, stretched, fried, and sushi shrimp, maintaining a competitive edge in the Japanese market.
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Among the products exported to Japan, white-leg shrimp accounted for 69%, other types of shrimp accounted for 16%, and the rest were black tiger shrimp. The export price of Vietnamese frozen white-leg shrimp to Japan is 9-9.2 US dollars per kilogram, and the price of black tiger shrimp is 12.6-14.1 US dollars. Japanese consumers pay attention to the nutrition, taste, appearance and fine processing of products. The processing level and capacity of Vietnamese seafood are more in line with the needs of Japanese consumers. The shrimp ...
Source: Foodmate
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