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Walnut harvest in Moldova will start to go on sale much earlier than usual

Урожай грецкого ореха в Молдове начнет поступать в продажу существенно раньше обычных сроков
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Sep 8, 2022
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In the middle of next week, mass harvesting of walnuts of early varieties, mainly of local selection, will begin in Moldova. The harvesting campaign starts about ten days earlier than the average time, according to EastFruit analysts. Specialists of walnut farms suggest that "the outstripping pace will continue throughout the campaign, including in the process of harvesting late - American and European - varieties of walnuts."
Farmers note that the early walnut, in particular, the Peschansky variety, has already reached technical ripeness: the green pericarp separates easily, but it has not yet begun to crack, so the start of the harvesting campaign has been shifted to next week. At the moment, the quality of the fruit is rated above average. But at the same time, in the total mass of products, a considerable amount is useful for walnuts with a drying pericarp. This is an alarming signal, since if such fruits do not undergo post-harvest processing on time, their kernels begin to darken and acquire an uncharacteristic sweetish aftertaste. See also: Where will the Moldovan apple harvest-2022 go - India, Egypt, the European Union, the countries of the Persian Gulf? The Union of Associations of Walnut Producers of Moldova hopes that this year the process of harvesting and pre-sale preparation of walnuts will move faster than in previous seasons. Since this year the number of walnut farms, which have at ...
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