Myanmar: Weekly market review of pulses

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Myanmar [Burma]
Market & Price Trends
Published Oct 7, 2023

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The pulses crop market has been relatively stable with little trading, resulting in stable prices. The price of mung beans initially rose but then dropped due to the entrance of new mung beans in the Indian market. However, there are predictions that the price of mung beans may rise again in the long term due to expected decreased yields in India. The prices of red beans and green beans have remained stable, but there has been a slight increase in the price of green beans due to Chinese buyers. Similarly, the price of soybeans has increased due to brisk purchasing and high prices for Burmese soybeans.
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Original content

This is a review of the pulses crop market in a week. Since there is little trading in the market, most of the prices are stable without much change. In March, there are few ups and downs during the week, and the price is stable. The price of mung bean rose to more than 2600,000 kyats per ton, and as new mung beans entered the market in India, trading cooled and the price dropped again. However, due to the news that mung bean yields will decrease in India, there are reviews that the price of mung bean may rise again in the long term. The price has dropped from 242,000 per bag in the Mandalay market 243,000 and the price is stable. As for the red bean, the price has not changed in a week. Traders said that there is no trade without balance in the country. In India, there is a possibility of a good price in the new season due to the decrease in the production rate of red bean. In the Yangon market, the price of red bean was stable at 4075000 per ton all week. In Mandalay market, ...
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