South Korea: Wheat direct payment is 500,000 won per hectare

Wheat Flour
Rice Flour
South Korea
Published Jun 18, 2022

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In order to expand the cultivation of wheat flour (rice for powder), the government recently introduced the ‘strategic crop direct payment system’ during the reorganization of the public interest direct payment system in the second half of the year and hinted at the idea of implementing it from next year. The strategic crop direct payment system is the first selective direct payment system that the government has formalized in relation to the reorganization of the public interest direct payment system.

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For grains important to national food security, subsidies will be provided to producers to maintain a certain production base. In the production area, apart from the possibility of success in industrializing rice flour, it is evaluated that it has made a step forward in the past policy to foster the rice processing industry in that it has devised effective means in institutional aspects such as direct payment and public stockpiling. As powdered rice is expected to be distributed mainly through wheat production complexes, interest in wheat producing areas is also increasing. Wheat is one of the existing selective public interest direct payment systems, which is a subject to be paid for ‘direct payment for rice use (double cropping)’. If winter crops such as wheat are planted in paddy fields, the government currently pays 500,000 won per hectare to farmers. However, Sanji has long pointed out that the direct payment of 500,000 won is too low to induce wheat cultivation. ...
Source: Nongmin
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