US: New markets could open up for California almonds

Almond Kernel
United States
Market & Price Trends
Published Jan 17, 2024

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The export of almonds is crucial to the revenue of California producers, particularly in the Central Valley where economic struggles have been exacerbated by rising costs and lower returns. The USDA's Foreign Agricultural Service plays a key role in opening and expanding international markets for U.S. agricultural exports, with recent identified opportunities in Italy, Bulgaria, and India. The removal of retaliatory tariffs in India has led to significant growth in U.S. almond exports, with expected values reaching $1 billion in 2024.
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For almond-growing operations in California, overseas markets have become a critical component to their success and bottom line. An astounding two-thirds of California’s almonds are exported. “No matter how you crack it, almond exports are a crucial portion of revenue for California producers, and keeping strong and diverse market opportunities is essential to long-term profitability,” says Julie Adams, Vice President of Global Technical and Regulatory Affairs for the Almond Board of California. Especially, “in the Central Valley, where many communities have been suffering the economic effects of increasing crop input costs and lower returns.” This is where USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) comes into play for almond exporters and the Almond Board of California. FAS – with its network of offices and attachés around the world – helps open and expand markets for U.S. agricultural exports. For example, just recently FAS identified fresh market opportunities in Italy and ...
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