Which products continue to be exported from Turkey to Israel?

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Published Apr 10, 2024

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In the wake of the Israel-Hamas conflict that started on October 7, Turkey's trade relations with Israel have come under scrutiny, especially after Turkey continued its trade with Israel despite international criticism and a controversial 21-ton boron mine shipment to an Israeli company linked to the Israeli army. Six months into the conflict, Turkey announced trade restrictions against Israel targeting 54 product groups, a move criticized by CHP Deputy Chairman Volkan Demir as too little, too late. Demir advocates for a complete trade embargo with Israel, criticizing the government's delayed and contradictory trade restrictions and calling for a zero-trade policy to support Palestinians effectively. He also demands transparency in Turkey's exports to Israel and the establishment of a humanitarian aid corridor independent of Israeli control.
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CHP Deputy Chairman Volkan Demir evaluated the decision as "inadequate and limited" and demanded a transparent explanation from the government regarding the products exported to Israel since the beginning of the war. Following the Israel-Hamas war that started on October 7, Turkey's continued commercial relations with Israel, which is in the normalization process, is one of the most discussed agendas of recent days. In fact, some commentators point out that one of the reasons for the AK Party's loss of blood in the March 31 local elections is Ankara's failure to restrict trade with Tel Aviv, even though Israel's bombardments of Palestinian cities drew international reaction. After journalist Metin Cihan revealed the shipment of a total of 21 tons of boron mine to Fertilizers & Chemicals, a large company that also serves the Israeli army, through Eti Maden, within the Turkey Wealth Fund, headed by President and AK Party Chairman Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Ankara -Commercial relations ...
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