Plenty of Italian blueberries, but also blackberries and currants

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Published Jul 13, 2023

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Cities are experiencing a decrease in population as people flock to seaside and mountain resorts, impacting sales in general. The small fruit supply chain, particularly blueberries, is dominated by Italian products. The prices of blueberries range from 5 to 9 euros per kilogram in Milan, while in Turin, they cost between 4 and 6 euros per kilogram.
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In Milan, Piedmontese blueberries cost between 5 and 9 euros Umberto Maffioletti of the Arrigoni Chiara company offers us the market dynamics from the agri-food center of Milan where he operates. "In general, we have Italian products, in particular blueberries from Piedmont, in large quantities. Both fresh and preserved management and the prices range from 5 to 8/9 euros per kg for the bulk product, the packaged one costs from 7 to 9 euros per kg". There is also a product from Trentino Alto Adige. “Early currants cost 6/7 euros, Trentino origins are on average around 10/13 euros and up to 15 for the extra”. The raspberry? "There are various variables with prices ranging from 9/10 euros and up to a maximum of 12 depending on variety, size, duration, colour. On the blackberry there is enough product with the Piedmontese one at 6/8 euros while from Trentino from 9 to 10/11 euros per kg". Last month the berries suffered from the unstable weather This is the picture of ...
Source: Myfruit
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