Why a delicacy born in Russia is no longer our monopoly

Frozen Sturgeon
Published Apr 24, 2023

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An experiment on labeling sturgeon and salmon caviar has begun in Russia. It will last until March 31, 2024. The corresponding decree was signed by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin. This measure is designed to protect buyers from illegal products.

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And what is happening today in the black caviar market, which is called the "queen of the table"? Alexander Novikov, President of the Union of Sturgeon Breeders, spoke about this in an interview with the RG columnist. By his education and primary profession, Novikov is a geologist. He devoted many years to the search for rare and radioactive metals. But with the onset of market times, he was one of the first in Russia to engage in artificial breeding of sturgeons. Today, his farms produce more than a third of all black caviar produced in Russia. China is the first and Alexander Vasilyevich is here, but I remember well the times when people with average incomes could afford black caviar. Yes, and in the early dashing 90s, you could freely buy a three-liter jar of delicacy for twenty bucks. The foreigners went crazy. Now, even in a very wealthy company, caviar at the table is a rarity. Expensive pleasure! Alexander Novikov: What do you want if since the end of the 80s the volume of ...
Source: RG
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