Why should Poles buy Kazakh flax seed?

Flax Seed
Published Nov 8, 2023

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European linseed production and exports are both estimated at around 200,000 tons, but the net import demand is much higher at 500-700 thousand tons, with Belgium accounting for half of that demand. The main suppliers of flaxseed globally are Russia, Kazakhstan, and Canada, while China, Belgium, and the USA are the biggest importers. China's demand for flaxseed has greatly increased in the last decade, with Russian and Kazakh goods being the main suppliers to China.
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European linseed production can be estimated at roughly 200,000 tons, and the Community's exports are roughly the same. The net import demand is around 500-700 thousand tons, half of which is taken up by Belgium. The largest European producer is France, but the Poles are also coming up. Nevertheless, our Polish friends are still among the biggest importers in the EU. But let's see who are the world's biggest players in this tiny oilseed market! In 2022, the world's flaxseed exports were 1.9 million tons, or almost 1.6 billion dollars in monetary terms. Ten years ago, the amount of linseed in world trade was estimated at only 1.3 million tons. In the past decade, the volume of global exports has grown by an average of 5% per year, and by 7% in monetary terms. The main suppliers of flaxseed have traditionally been Russia, Kazakhstan and Canada, which together provided about 77% of the world's flaxseed exports in the last 10 years. During this time, the market forces were completely ...
Source: MezoHir
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