Will Moldovan farmers be able to organize a real protest against low prices for raspberries?

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Published Jul 6, 2023

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Berry farmers in Moldova, Poland, and Ukraine are dissatisfied with the purchase prices for raspberries and are discussing the need to ignore proposals to buy raspberries for less than 30-40 lei/kg. Some farmers attribute the increased cost of the berry business to the poor quality of berries and the low yield of many raspberries. Heavy precipitation in Moldova has affected the phytosanitary state of raspberry plantations but has not yet impacted the overall quality or prices of raspberries. However, if the hot weather continues without significant rainfall, farmers may have to accept a decrease in wholesale prices.
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Among berry farmers in Moldova, as well as earlier among their colleagues in Poland and Ukraine, dissatisfaction with the purchase prices for raspberries is growing. The thematic groups of social networks are actively discussing the call “to respect your work and ignore the proposals of intermediary purveyors to buy raspberries cheaper than 30 lei/kg, and ideally, cheaper than 40 lei/kg”. Opinions are divided on this matter. Some participants in the discussion focus on the increased cost of the berry business, others on the relatively low yield of many raspberries and the poor quality of the berries that farmers are trying to sell on the “fresh market”. At the end of last week and the beginning of this week, precipitation fell in a number of regions of Moldova. According to farmers, this affected the phytosanitary state of individual raspberry plantations - berries appeared damaged by white mold. But the scale of this problem is still small and has not affected the overall quality ...
Source: Eastfruit
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