Singapore: Will the new meat be made from mushroom-based protein?

Fresh White Mushroom
Meat Substitute
Published Aug 30, 2022

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The new meat substitute product, which will soon be commercialized as a more sustainable alternative to plant-based protein, can be made from button-based proteins extracted from food waste - scientists from Singapore are working on the project.

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The basis is the two-spored sedge The protein is obtained from mushrooms, which form the basis of nutrient-rich food waste, because not only more protein, but also more iron and amino acids are added to the mushrooms. According to a research team from Singapore's NTU Food Science and Technology Program, this is a healthier and more nutritious option than plant-based alternative meats, which typically use peas, chickpeas, wheat gluten and soy as main ingredients. The basis of the product developed by NTU staff is the two-spored yarrow (Agaricus bisporus), which, according to experts, is much closer to meat than the usual plant-based meat substitutes. The latter are often criticized for the fact that a lot of spices are needed to achieve the right flavor effect, they lose a significant part of the necessary vitamins during the processing process, and they also ...
Source: Trademagazin
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