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Turkey: With the increase in hazelnut consumption, a record export of 3 billion dollars is targeted this season

Hazelnut Kernel
Updated Aug 16, 2021
While various studies are carried out with the aim of Turkey's playing an active role in the hazelnut market and creating stability in this field, a record export of 3 billion dollars is expected with the increase in consumption this season. Ömer Faruk Doğan, who established the Hazelnut Promotion Group together with the Istanbul and Black Sea Hazelnut and Products Exporters' Associations and was the first president, made an assessment on the price and export of hazelnuts to the AA correspondent.
Stating that instead of a stable hazelnut price in Turkey, with the understanding of "higher price to the producer every year", Doğan stated that the unit price, which was 3.5 dollars per kilogram on average, reached 6.5 dollars in the last 20 years. He said that it provoked a great deal of struggle for countries such as China, Argentina, Chile and Colombia to take place in this market. Doğan stated that all these efforts were made in order to get a share from the world hazelnut market and income. Stating that 75-80 percent of the product is used in the chocolate industry and related sectors, in the hazelnut consumption that has increased from 800 thousand tons to 1 million 200 thousand tons annually in the world with the efforts of the Hazelnut Promotion Group, Doğan stated that these figures are the result of the product being eaten freshly roasted. He said it was below the level he deserved. Doğan stated that an annual average of 800 thousand tons of shelled hazelnuts is ...
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