World rice trade in 2023 is forecast to decrease

Published Feb 11, 2023

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Exports forecast to decrease Compared to 2022, exports in 2023 are forecast to decrease simultaneously in Argentina, Brazil, Cambodia, China, the European Union, India, Laos, Malaysia, Pakistan, Paraguay, Russia, Senegal, Tanzania, and Turkey. , Uruguay and the United States. Exports from India are expected to fall by 1.3 million tons and those of Pakistan by 0.80 million tons, mainly due to reduced production. US exports are expected to fall 10,000 tonnes to 2.15 million tonnes, the lowest level since 1992. In contrast, Australia, Myanmar and Thailand are expected to increase rice exports in 2023. Thailand's exports are expected to increase by 0.6 million tons to 8.5 million - the highest level since 2018, mainly in 2018. This is because India and Pakistan reduce exports. Imports forecast to decrease It is forecasted that rice imports in 2023 compared to 2022 will decrease in Angola, Australia, Bangladesh, Benin, Cambodia, Canada, China, Costa Rica, Ivory Coast, Egypt, ...
Source: Vinanet
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