A wildfire in Yeongdeok, the largest producer of pine mushrooms in South Korea

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South Korea
Published Mar 3, 2022

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"If there is a forest fire, there will be no trees for 30 years. Choi Oh-gyu (61), who collects and sells pine mushrooms in Yeongdeok, Gyeongsangbuk-do, said this when asked about the damage caused by the Yeongdeok forest fire. The recent wildfire in Yeongdeok, Korea's leading pine producer, is raising concerns among pine farmers. According to Yeongdeok-gun on the 2nd, Yeongdeok was the largest producer of pine trees, accounting for 30% of the nation's total purchase of 32 tons of pine trees last year. The first wildfire that occurred in Samhwa-ri, Jipum-myeon, Yeongdeok, on the morning of the 15th was extinguished on the afternoon of the same day, but it rekindled in the Hwacheon-ri area of Yeongdeok-eup on the 16th and was extinguished on the 17th. It is estimated that 400 hectares of mountains have been damaged by this forest fire so far. The area where the forest fire occurred is the area centered on Hwarimsan, such as Hwacheon-ri, Hwasu-ri, and Gumi-ri, Yeongdeok-eup. Mostly, pine trees were burned a lot, but I think the clusters around the pine trees were also affected.

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(Yeongdeok = Yonhap News) Reporter Dae-seong Son = Fortunately, it did not reach the Guksabong area in Samhwa-ri, Jipum-myeon, which is considered the largest production area in Yeongdeok. However, the complaints from the residents of the pine trees are that there are a lot of pine trees even in the areas affected by the fire this time. There are cases in which pine trees grow from tens of millions of won to hundreds of millions of dollars by harvesting pine trees in the fall of every year. However, since the pine tree is not covered by crop cultivation insurance, it is difficult to receive any compensation, so the residents' annoyance is deepening. Oh-woong Kwon, head of the Yeongdeok Forestry Association, said, "We do not know how much damage ...
Source: Yna
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