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In Zimbabwe, pea hectarage to decline in 2023

Updated Jan 20, 2023
Pea production is expected to decline this winter season due to high production costs, the Horticulture Development Council (HDC) has revealed.
There has been a concern over high production costs while the producer price has remained unchanged. In a Twitter post yesterday HDC said there will be a reduction in the area under pea this season. The market scan from the same Twitter post attributed the pending decline to a small increase in pea producer price against a huge increase in production costs. "There was a slight increase in the price of peas of approximately 5, 6 percent, which fell far short of the increases which growers had seen in the cost of inputs," said the Twitter post. In yesterday's HDC breakfast meeting, the Export Fresh Produce Growers Association of Zimbabwe (EFGAZ) disclosed the results of a survey done on 13 pea farmers. The combined hectarage of the farmers fell from 436, 6 hectares, to 328, 6ha and is projected to go further down to 169ha in 2021, 2022 and 2023 respectively. Meanwhile, the same Twitter post also revealed that blueberry expansion plans were doubtful as producers' focus would be on ...
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