Exotic Fruit Pulps Grow in Popularity in the US

Value Added Guava
Expected to reach a market value of USD 1,750 million by 2025, the fruit pulp industry has seen tremendous growth over the recent years. Findura Foods is making way to provide unique Colombian fruit pulp flavors to the highly in-demand US market.

Fruit pulps have been increasing in popularity over recent years both in the industrial and retail sectors as more and more consumers take an interest in creating foods and recipes at home. The global fruit pulp industry is expected to reach a market value of USD 1,750 million by 2015, from USD 1,112 million in 2017.

Pulps of fruits are widely used as an ingredient for ice cream, juice, smoothies, and jam. In the US especially, there has been a growing demand for exotic flavors, explains Findura Foods, a supplier of various fruit pulps based in New York and Colombia.

Increasing Demand for Exotic Fruit Pulps in the US

The exotic fruit pulp market is expected to reach a market value of USD 1,003 million by 2025 growing at a CAGR of 5.7%, as an increasing number of customers are becoming more open to trying non-traditional fruit flavors.As an established enterprise in exporting Colombian limes to the US market, Findura Foods launched an array of fruit pulps last year that includes various exotic fruit flavors, accommodating increasing demand from the US market. While the company also sources more traditional flavors, their focus lies in tropical fruit pulps native to Colombia such as passion fruit, mangoes, lulo, and Guava.

The Competitiveness of Colombian Fruit Pulps

In addition to having a competitive price advantage, Colombian fruits exhibit Caribbean flavors optimal for providing consumers a wide variety of fruit pulps, ranging in 7-10 different flavors. According to Findura Foods, all the fruits are sourced locally from Colombia in the Santander and Bogotá regions which have stable and humid weather conditions that allow a year-round harvest of Class 1 quality fruits.

Findura Foods works with HACCP and ISO certified farms and manufacturing plants in Colombia, compliant with FDA regulations to ensure the best quality for their customers. The company is also open to collaborating with different manufacturers to create new flavors in the market.

Expanding on Export Destinations

Findura Foods’ presence in both the US and Colombia makes it ideal for the company to deliver unsugared premium quality fruit pulps straight from their sourcing destination, allowing for competitive prices. Frozen and packaged durably, the company’s products are not only meant for industrial use but also retail consumption in supermarkets and grocery stores, and the company is expecting their first fruit pulp shipments to Miami this year. With their expertise in exporting limes, Findura Foods is seeking to expand export destinations to include Europe and Asia, especially China and Japan.

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