W36: Plum & Prune Update

Published Sep 15, 2023
W36: Plum & Prune Update

In W36 in the plum and prune landscape, Moldova's largest plum paste producer increased industrial plum prices by 20% week-on-week (WoW) to USD 0.13 per kilogram (kg). Distillate producers bought plums for around USD 0.11/kg to USD 0.15/kg. Dried plums in the domestic market fetched slightly higher prices, ranging from USD 0.17/kg to USD 0.20/kg. Thus, the level of wholesale prices for plums has come very close to the minimum price for small-sized dessert plums. The price increase can be attributed to improved quality as the harvesting campaign expands and late plum varieties go on sale. Plum paste producers expressed their willingness to process all available raw materials.

Although Moldova's plum harvest forecast dropped due to summer drought, the challenge lies in mobilizing the workforce for timely harvesting, especially if there's precipitation in mid to late Sep-23. Market operators expect an increase in medium-quality plum supply. However, experts expect plum demand to remain strong, possibly sparking competition between exporters and processors.

German plum varieties such as Presenta, Hauszwetsche, and Fellenberg were highly significant in the German market in W36. The domestic plum varieties such as Hanita, Auerbacher, and Ortenauer remained limited.

The 2023 organic plum season in California in the United States (US) started in W1 of Jun-23, indicating a late start due to delayed blooming, increased precipitation, and cold conditions in the growing areas. Despite the late start, the 2023 organic plum season is set to extend until the end of Oct-23, offering good supplies from California's Central Valley, packed in plum bites clamshells. These clamshells may contain various varieties, including Burgundy, Wickson, Freedom, Blackamber, Fortune, Joanna Red, Catalina, Friar, Casselman, Laroda, Grand Rosa, Howard Sun, Simka, Dapple Dandy, and Angeleno.

New plum varieties in California come into season every two to three weeks, with Santa Rosa being the only variety lasting longer, around six to seven weeks, while others persist for two to four weeks. This season sees a four-week reduction due to the late start, though sales remain robust. Organic plum pricing in 2023 is expected to be consistent with the 2022 level.

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