W37: Blueberry Update

In W37 in the blueberry landscape, the 2023 blueberry export campaign has officially started in the Ica Region of Peru, with producers and the National Agrarian Health Service (Senasa) aiming to surpass last year's shipments of 16.57 thousand tons. Peru has 18.10 thousand hectares (ha) of blueberry cultivation, with exports exceeding 277 thousand tons in 2022. The primary destinations for Peruvian blueberries include the United States (US), China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Brazil, and several other countries. With support from Senasa, blueberries have become a thriving export product, with numerous shipments and cold treatments for international markets in 2023.

Furthermore, the fresh blueberry season in Peru has faced challenges, with lower shipments compared to 2022. In the 2023/24 season, Peru has exported 40.52 thousand tons of blueberries so far, half of the volume from the same period in 2022. During W36, the product reached 27 destinations, with the US, the Netherlands, and China being the primary importers, receiving 88% of all exports. Shipments to the US dropped by 64%, Dutch purchases by 66%, and exports to China by 41% compared to the previous year.

The Chamber of Commerce and Production of Piura, Peru, has raised concerns about the impact of the global El Niño phenomenon on agriculture in the region, calling on the government to provide immediate support to agricultural producers to mitigate the socioeconomic challenges arising from the crisis in the sector. Piura has already experienced damage to its agriculture due to El Niño, resulting in a significant drop in production, including crops like mangos (90% decrease), bananas (40% decrease), avocados (50% decrease), grapes (30% decrease), and blueberries (30% decrease).

Lastly, India has announced a tariff reduction on various US agricultural products, including fresh, frozen, and dried blueberries and cranberries, as well as pulses, meat, and poultry. This move is expected to open new economic opportunities for American agricultural producers in the Indian market. 

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