W37: Peach & Nectarine Update

In W37 in the peach and nectarine landscape, supply experienced fluctuations in the German fruit market. Turkish peach products gained prominence and nearly surpassed Spanish fruits, with additional imports from Italy and France contributing to the market landscape.

Italian, French, and Spanish nectarines were available in the German fruit market, with those from Spain dominating in terms of quantity. Greek nectarines were available in Berlin, complemented by Turkish offerings. In Munich, nectarines from the mountainous region between Antalya and Side continued to impress consumers with its excellent quality.

While improved summer weather enhanced sales opportunities, market saturation became evident in Germany in W37. Some traders concluded their season promptly, offering surpluses at substantial discounts. Additionally, diminishing quality prompted price reductions, but there were also price increases due to reduced supply. German fruits remained available in Frankfurt, with customers paying USD 17.03 for a 3.75 kilogram (kg) pack of white-fleshed peaches, a 3.6 kg carton of yellow-fleshed peaches, and a 3.5 kg box of red vineyard peaches in W37.

Lastly, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) expects peach production, primarily cultivated for the fresh market, to reach 260 thousand metric tons (mt) in California, United States (US), in 2023. This projection reflects an increase of 8.33% compared to the 2022 harvest of 240 thousand mt. 

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