W38: Jackfruit Update

Published Sep 28, 2023
W38: Jackfruit Update

In W38 in the jackfruit landscape, the price of Thai jackfruit in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam, declined for the fourth consecutive day on September 18, and there is little chance of a price increase in the coming months. One of the key reasons behind this price decrease is the onset of the jackfruit harvest in Mekong Delta localities. In Tiền Giang, Kem Nhat jackfruit (weighing around 9 kilograms) was priced at USD 1.48/kg, while Kem Nhi jackfruit (weighing about 7 kg) was priced at USD 1.07/kg.

On September 20, Thai jackfruit prices in the Mekong Delta region continued their decline for the sixth consecutive day with no signs of stopping. In Tiền Giang, Nhat jackfruit was priced at USD 1.23/kg, large Kem jackfruit at USD 1.15/kg, and small Kem jackfruit at USD 0.74/kg. Over the past two months, Thai jackfruit prices has been steadily increasing, at times reaching over USD 1.64/kg, which led to growers investing in fertilizers and plant nutrients, resulting in increased expenses.

On September 23, Thai jackfruit prices in the Mekong Delta continued to decrease, although the rate of decline slowed down compared to previous days. In Tiền Giang, large Kem jackfruit was priced at USD 1.03/kg, while small Kem jackfruit was priced at USD 0.57/kg, down by USD 0.041/kg. In contrast, the price of red-fleshed jackfruit increased and is on an upward trend. In W37, first-class red-fleshed jackfruit (weighing 9 kg or more) was priced at only USD 2.58/kg, and class 3 fruit (weighing 4 kg or more) at USD 1.31/kg. In W38, the price has surged to USD 3.28/kg for first-grade jackfruit and USD 2.46/kg for third-grade jackfruit. This increase in the price of red-fleshed jackfruit is due to high market demand, attracting more buyers.

In the first eight months of 2023, China has emerged as Vietnam's largest import market for fruits and vegetables, totaling USD 3.45 billion, an increase of 57.5% year-on-year (YoY). Key fruit products exported to China include durian, dragon fruit, banana, mango, and jackfruit, constituting 35%, 13%, 6%, 6%, and 5% of the exports, respectively. Furthermore, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in Vietnam has assessed an ample supply of mangoes, bananas, dragon fruit, durian, and jackfruit available from now until the end of the year. If the current export pace is maintained, Vietnam's fruit and vegetable exports are projected to reach USD 5 billion in 2023, surpassing the target two years ahead of schedule.

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