Webinar Recap: The Tridge Advantage: Unlocking Opportunities in the Global Marketplace

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Published Dec 4, 2023
In Tridge's November webinar "The Tridge Advantage: Unlocking Opportunities in the Global Marketplace," Tridge and Food Africa experts showed how Tridge revolutionizes international trade with real-time data, enabling buyers and suppliers to connect and thrive in a dynamic global economy, reach their full potential, and gain access to a world of possibilities. Tridge and Food Africa tackled perspectives on international trade in the African processed food and agricultural sector, as well as challenges, opportunities, and shared valuable insights for agrarian stakeholders in Africa.

Host: Theo Venter, Global Market Analyst

Speakers: Bojan Mijatovic - Global Market Analyst,

Jacob Rudman, Platform Sales Manager - USA

Dalia Kabeel, Exhibition Manager- Food Africa Cairo Exhibition - Egypt


  • Global Market Access with Tridge
  • Exploring the Tridge Marketplace
  • Panel Discussion

Tridge and Food Africa experts discussed enabling seamless connections between buyers and suppliers in the November webinar, "The Tridge Advantage: Unlocking Opportunities in the Global Marketplace," highlighting how real-time data revolutionized international trade and highlighting challenges and opportunities in the African processed food and agricultural sector.

Global Market Access with Tridge

Source: Tridge

Tridge is a platform that provides real-time insights into global markets, enabling users to adapt their sourcing strategies and make informed decisions. The platform offers data-driven solutions for informed decision-making, covering aspects such as price, trade, production, weather, and seasonality. The New York Times and the United States (US) Congress have acknowledge Tridge's commitment to quality, reliability, and industry recognition. It offers unparalleled access to a vast global network across 150+ countries, enabling small-scale farmers to connect with buyers. The platform empowers agricultural stakeholders with market intelligence, enabling them to make informed decisions on crop planning and market entry strategiesTridge also provides:

  • reliable company-level B/L and customs data
  • insights on trading prices.
  • trade relationships
  • market dynamics

Tridge also highlights significant changes in the farming sector, such as the effects of climate change on global agriculture.

Exploring the Tridge Marketplace

Tridge Monthly Outlook

Source: Tridge

The second part of the presentation elaborated on the diverse services of Tridge's online trading platform, such as procurement and quality assurance services, and Tridge Data & Analytics, which provides a deep understanding of global market dynamics and trends. The platform's user-friendly interface attracts premium users, allowing suppliers to deal with multiple buyers simultaneously without deploying salespeople to many countries.

Tridge Marketplace fosters connections across the agricultural supply chain, facilitating direct, transparent, and efficient negotiations. Communication features facilitate natural, transparent, and efficient transactions, and Tridge verifies every supplier through various checks before offering them on the platform. Building solid relationships with suppliers, customers, and stakeholders is crucial in the food and agricultural product trading industry.

Panel Discussion

Food Africa X Tridge

Source: Food Africa

The presentation was supplemented by a panel discussion where panelist Jacob Rudman, and guest speaker Dalia Kabeel from Food Africa answered questions from host Theo Venter. Kabeel took on the first questions about the key challenges stakeholders face in global trade and sourcing products, pointing out that acquiring certifications and licenses in different countries can cause trade delays and closed-off opportunities. Trust and confidence are crucial for buyers and suppliers, achieved through validated documentation and experiences. Rudman agreed with the references and added that global trade stakeholders face challenges like finding partners, logistics, quality assurances, policy changes, and disruptions. Accessing comprehensive data can help make data-driven decisions and ensure success in international trade.

Panel discussion continued with a question about the importance of real-time data and Tridge's added value in the matter. Rudman pointed out that real-time data and market insights are crucial for global trade decisions, especially during trade disruptions. Tridge's Data and Analytics provides valuable insights by deeply understanding market dynamics, tracking key price trends, increasing supply chain visibility, and identifying potential business partners. With global coverage in over 200 countries and 400+ sources, Tridge's data is tailored to agri-businesses, eliminating inconsistencies and redundancies. The data is aggregated and standardized, generating more accurate insights, and improving decision-making. Tridge's insights are highly reliable and timely, enabling better and more strategic business decision-making. Venter made a follow-up question to Rudman on how to validate buyers/suppliers. Rudman answered that real, validated documents (registration, bill of landing, entire product catalog, and other official documents) and experiences acquired online and through live communication with stakeholders are a baseline in providing trustworthy cooperation.

For the final question on how has Tridge/Food Africa simplified the process of sourcing or selling products globally, Kabeel gave an overview of how has Food Africa partnered with Tridge for the food exhibition, hosting a buyers delegation for over 500 international buyers, of which 50% are from Africa. Thanks to their strategic partnership, Food Africa is also hosting B2B matchmaking sessions for exhibitors and visitors, resulting in a significant trade boost for exhibitors and new buyers. Besides physical attendance to Food Africa's exhibition, online solutions to follow the exhibit are available on the official website and via mobile app. Rudman’s closure revolved around Tridge as an online one-stop shop for the global agri-business trade, simplifying the process of sourcing and selling products. It offers a Social Marketplace for showcasing products, a Data and analytics platform for evaluating competitors, and a Social Marketplace for finding verified suppliers. Tridge aims to harness data, technology, and human expertise to help agri-businesses grow and positively impact the world.

Click here to view the webinar recording, or click here to view the slides.

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