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W7 Oat Update: USDA Forecasts Stable Oat Production at 19.3 MMT in 2023/24 MY, French Oat Planting Drops 16% YoY in 2024

Published Feb 23, 2024
In W7 in the oats landscape, the USDA revised down the forecast for world cereal production in 2023/24 by 2.9 mmt, with stable oat production at 19.3 mmt and virtually unchanged barley production at 142.7 mmt. Across Russia’s 58 regions, Ural crop varieties thrive on over 1.8 million ha, with the Sverdlovsk region utilizing local selections in over half of its grain fields, dominated by wheat, barley, and oats. French oat planting decreased to 43 thousand ha in 2024 due to adverse weather, prompting the need for oat sourcing, possibly from Spain or Germany, for a new oat milk factory. Additionally, Russia's Bashkiria grain exports, including oats, increased 1.5 times in Jan-24 compared to Jan-23. Lastly, transit volumes of grain products from Russia through Latvia saw a substantial increase in 2023 compared to 2022, including a tenfold increase in oats.

USDA Lowered 2023/24 World Cereal Production Forecast, Oat and Barley Figures Remain Steady

In its Feb-24 report, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) revised its previous forecast downward for world cereal production in 2023/24 by 2.9 million metric tons (mmt), resulting in a new estimate of 2,295.82 mmt. However, oat production remained stable at 19.3 mmt, while barley production remained virtually unchanged at 142.7 mmt.

French Oat Planting Declined by 16% YoY in 2024

French farmers decreased oat planting to 43 thousand hectares (ha) in 2024, marking a further decrease of almost 16% year-on-year (YoY), influenced by adverse weather conditions. To address the insufficient oat production in France, sourcing oats for a new factory producing oat milk will be necessary, likely from Spain or Germany.

Oats Dominated 70% of Cereal Crop Fields in Sverdlovsk Region, Russia

The Minister of Agriculture and Consumer Market of the Sverdlovsk Region reported that Ural crop varieties are thriving on over 1.8 million ha across 58 regions of Russia. In the Sverdlovsk region specifically, over half of the grain fields utilize local selections, with wheat comprising over 49%, barley 30%, and oats around 70% of all cereal crop fields.

Primorye Farmers Prepared 44 Thousand MT of Seeds for Sowing

In Russia, Primorye farmers have prepared approximately 44 thousand metric tons (mt) of seeds for sowing, with soybeans comprising the majority at nearly three-quarters of the agricultural producers' reserves, totaling 35 thousand mt. In addition to soybeans, other seeds prepared for sowing include 3.2 thousand mt of oats.

Bashkiria's Grain Exports Surged 1.5 Times in Jan-24

Russia's Bashkiria increased its grain exports 1.5 times in Jan-24 compared to Jan-23. The republic exported 45.5 thousand mt of grain and leguminous crops, up from 29.8 thousand mt in Jan-23. Grain was exported to Belgium, the Republic of Belarus, Germany, Georgia, Denmark, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, China, Latvia, the Netherlands, Poland, Turkmenistan, and Türkiye. Oats accounted for 100 mt of the exported goods.

Transit of Russian Grain Through Latvia Soars in 2023

In 2023, 2.14 mmt of grain products transited from Russia through Latvia, indicating a 2.2-fold increase compared to 2022, when 981.51 thousand mt of grain were shipped through Latvia, including 2.13 thousand mt of oats which increased tenfold.

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