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W8 Banana Update: Ecuador Enhances Phytosanitary Measures for Banana Exports to Russia, Chinese Banana Imports Rise in Russia's Amur Region, India Expands Banana Exports to Russia During 2023/24 Season

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Published Feb 29, 2024
In W8 in the banana landscape, Ecuador has increased phytosanitary measures for banana exports to Russia, building a quarantine zone and resuming certification for five exporting enterprises. According to the recent report released on Feb-24, Uzbekistan's banana imports declined by 5% YoY in 2023, with Ecuador being the top exporter. Chinese banana imports increased in the Amur region, with over 1 thousand tons arriving in Russia. Meanwhile, Philippine banana exports reached a three-year peak in 2023, rising by 3.5% due to Panama disease rehabilitation efforts. Lastly, India expanded its banana export reach to Russia with a 20-ton shipment, and Tunisia imported Egyptian bananas for Ramadan 2024.

Ecuador Enhances Phytosanitary Measures for Banana Exports to Russia

Ecuador has increased phytosanitary inspections and built a special quarantine zone for loading bananas from plantations after five exporting enterprises violated supply requirements to Russia. Fruit exporters must provide comprehensive pest control, staff training, clean containers, and traceability labels. A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) will be agreed upon between Rosselkhoznadzor and the relevant department in Ecuador on implementing quarantine phytosanitary control at checkpoints.

Rising Chinese Banana Imports in Amur Region From January 5 to February 16, 2024

From January 5 to February 16, 2024, over 1 thousand tons of fresh bananas from China arrived in the Amur region through the Kani-Kurgan checkpoint. All products were inspected by Rosselkhoznadzor Office inspectors and transported according to quarantine requirements. The increase in imports of fruits and vegetables from China to the Amur region of Russia is due to the launch of the Kani-Kurgan checkpoint in 2023. Banana supplies increased from 39 tons to 1 thousand tons, and Rosselkhoznadzor controlled over 3.6 thousand tons of various types of fruits.

Banana Imports of Uzbekistan Dropped by 5% YoY During 2023

Uzbekistan's banana imports declined by 5% year-over-year (YoY) to 133.5 thousand tons in 2023, a decrease from 140.2 thousand tons in 2022. Despite the volume drop, the total import value rose to USD 95.1 million in 2023 from USD 63.4 million in 2022. Ecuador was the top exporter to Uzbekistan during this period, with China, Georgia, Türkiye, and Kazakhstan also making significant contributions. To control inflation and maintain price stability, Uzbekistan has extended the zero import customs duty on certain food products, including bananas, until January 1, 2025.

Philippine Banana Exports Reach Three-Year Peak in 2023, Increasing by 3.5% YoY

The Philippine Statistics Authority reported a 3.5% rise in banana shipments in 2023, totaling 2.3 million metric tons (mmt), over the previous year. This resurgence also saw export values hit a three-year peak at USD 1.22 billion, an 11% YoY increase. The rebound is attributed to efforts in rehabilitating farms affected by Panama disease. However, global competition and recent flooding in Mindanao threaten to dampen export figures. The executive director of the Pilipino Banana Growers and Exporters Association (PBGEA) remains cautiously optimistic, citing concerns over Guatemala's ascent as the world's second-largest banana exporter. There are also ongoing struggles to expand or restore Panama disease-ravaged areas, estimated to be 17 thousand to 18 thousand hectares (ha). Despite these challenges, there is hope that continuous rehabilitation efforts will bolster future production.

India Expands Banana Export Reach to Russia with 20-ton Shipment

India’s Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) has successfully exported 20-ton bananas to Russia, marking a significant step in agricultural export dynamics. The initiative, carried out by a Mumbai-based exporter, is part of a collaboration with the Central Institute of Subtropical Horticulture (CISH) to maintain fruit quality during transit. The export venture aligns with Russia's growing interest in Indian tropical fruits, diversifying its import sources beyond traditional suppliers.

Tunisia Imports Egyptian Bananas for Ramadan 2024

Tunisia is importing 2 thousand tons of Egyptian bananas to diversify its fruit offerings during Ramadan in 2024. Egyptian bananas will be sold at a maximum price of USD 1.6 (TND 5), offering Tunisian consumers a variety of fruits this 2023/24 season, including citrus, with an expected yield of 365 thousand tons.

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