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The Turkish Grain Market Experienced Stable Pricing During W39 With Modest Wheat Increases and Barley Decreases

Hasan Gecici
Publicado Sep 29, 2023
The Turkish grain market experienced stable pricing during W39. Durum wheat prices saw a modest increase of USD 18.24 per ton (TRY 500/ton) week-on-week (WoW), while barley prices experienced a slight decrease of USD 0.013/ton (TRY 0.35/ton). Bread wheat prices increased by USD 3.65/ton (TRY 100/ton), contrasting with a USD 0.018/ton (TRY 0.50/ton) decrease in corn prices. Despite global price pressures affecting domestic grain markets, it is evident that farmers are currently selling their products at a lower profit margin than in 2022. During W39, the average price of bread wheat stood at USD 258.72/ton (TRY 7,093/ton), Durum wheat priced at USD 323.79/ton (TRY 8,877/ton), Barley at USD 205.87/ton (TRY 5,644/ton), Corn priced at USD 203.46/ton (TRY 5,578/ton), and Rye stood at USD 187.85/ton (TRY 5,150/ton).
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