Delegación de Indonesia promueve aceite de palma sostenible y acordó aumentar cooperación con China

Actualizado May 30, 2023
TABLOIDSINARTANI.COM, London - The Amsterdam Declarations Partnership (ADP) Meeting was successfully held in London. This regular event which brings together representatives from producing countries and consuming countries for cocoa, palm oil, donkey and livestock (meat and hide) is very important given the strategic theme discussed on the supply chain of palm oil from producing countries to European consuming countries. At this moment, Musdhalifah Machmud, Deputy for Agribusiness and Agriculture at the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs said, Indonesia invites all stakeholders present to come together and support the Indonesian government's efforts to increase sustainable smallholder plantations. He emphasized that Indonesian palm oil commodities have fulfilled sustainable production activities, as evidenced by the ISPO certificate. This certificate is a legal aspect of the efforts of the Indonesian government and palm oil producing communities to implement sustainable ...
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