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La UE evalúa la seguridad láctea en Rumanía y Finlandia

Actualizado 20 de ene. de 2022
Dairy sites are registered based on their commercial activities: most “non-professional” holdings are not subject to official controls because they are not considered to be involved in national trade of dairy products. However, they do provide raw milk to approved processing plants. The network of accredited official laboratories has not been assessed by the central authority because of other priorities or a lack of budget. In 2020, nine inspections were planned but only one had been carried out because of a lack of financial resources. Another was done at a lab, following a complaint from a client. At private labs, none of the 15 planned inspections were undertaken but five unplanned controls were done after customer complaints. Issues with the methods used, results obtained, poor participation rate and outcomes of inter-laboratory proficiency tests by private and food businesses’ in-house labs means results may not be reliable and may not guarantee milk is safe to consume, ...
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