Agricultores en EE. UU. advierten que el ketchup, la salsa, la salsa para pasta y otros productos de tomate podrían escasear pronto

Actualizado Aug 31, 2022
Los agricultores en el área productora de tomates más grande de los EE. UU. están haciendo sonar la alarma sobre una posible escasez. Dijeron que cosas como el ketchup, la salsa y la salsa para pasta podrían escasear.
California's farmers grow nearly all of America's processing tomatoes, but this year is shaping up to be another poor harvest season. This means products like ketchup, salsa, and pasta sauce could soon be in short supply in stores across the county. Drought, inflation, and supply chain issues are to blame for this possible shortage, according to California Tomato Growers Association President Mike Montna. "We’ve just had unseasonably hot weather," farmer Bruce Rominger said. He said close to 15% of his processing tomato crop land has been fallowed by the drought and lack of rainfall over the past few years. Nearly all of California farmers are facing severe drought conditions, while more than 40% of California has been classified as being under an extreme drought. "This is my crop, but it’s everybody’s food. This is your pizza sauce, ketchup, this is your salsa. This is where it all comes from, so this isn’t just my issue. This is everybody’s issue," Rominger said. Rominger has ...
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