Canada - Frozen Atlantic Lobster

$62 ~
USD / Box (1kg), March 4, 2024

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Frozen-HPP/ IVP
$62 /

Available Specifications:

Variety: American Lobster
Packaging Type: IVP (Individually Vacuum Packed)
Processed Style: Frozen - HPP (High Pressure Processed)
Cultivation Type: Wild Caught
Incoterms: FOB
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A buyer from South Korea finalized a deal with Tridge. (470 lbs)
Jan 2, 2024

Our Frozen Chef Ready Split Lobster from Canada

The Raw Chef Ready Split Lobster is the ideal product for any catering establishment or retail outlet looking for a quick and convenient premium lobster offering. This fully prepared raw lobster is cut in half, cleaned, with the claw and knuckle removed from the shell, and then the fully intact meat is replaced into the head cavity, individually vacuum packed and frozen. To prepare the lobster for cooking, allow time to defrost and remove packaging, place a knob of butter on the top and season, then place in the oven for cooking for the required time and serve. Nova Scotia Canadian lobster is harvested year-round with two main seasons in December and May, when the best lobster is processed. The lobsters are sourced from a well-managed and sustainable fishery, certified by the MSC (Marine Stewardship Council). The cold, clean Atlantic waters give this lobster its recognizable luxurious sweet seafood taste and texture known by chefs worldwide. These 100% natural luxury lobsters are prepared with the utmost care and attention and processed at a modern facility that is HACCP and BRC certified. The chef-ready split lobster is available in various sizes and is an ideal item for significant luxury catering events when convenience and consistency are needed. Retail packaging can be organized to customer specifications with MSC's full chain of custody.
Canada Frozen Atlantic Lobster - Raw_split_on_marble.jpg


Premium, full meated, hard shell
Chix 400/522g 522/590g, Quarters 590/658g, Halves 658/840g
IQF, Individually vacuum packed
Shipping Method
Sea freight, road transport, air freight
Storage Condition
Temp; -18°C
Full MSC chain of Custody can be offered

Our Process and Product


Canada Frozen Atlantic Lobster - live_lobster.jpg
Canada Frozen Atlantic Lobster - Screen_Shot_2021-01-19_at_12.37.27_PM.png
Canada Frozen Atlantic Lobster - IMG-5767.jpg


Canada Frozen Atlantic Lobster - IMG-5763.jpg
Canada Frozen Atlantic Lobster - 9240CDB5-B901-48AF-B511-9B78C6CA8D47.jpg

Final Product

Canada Frozen Atlantic Lobster - Split_package.jpg


Canada Frozen Atlantic Lobster - Certifications_1.jpg

Top 5 Export Markets

Canada Frozen Atlantic Lobster - Export_4.jpg

Our Representative in Canada

Isaac Choe

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